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Defay Orthodontics -Kaysville UT Reviews

Welcome to Defay Orthodontics, a respected provider of orthodontic care in our community. We are located in Kaysville, Utah. We also serve Fruit Heights, Farmington, Layton, Syracuse, and Centerville Utah. Our orthodontic practice's priority is to provide you with the highest quality orthodontics in a friendly and comfortable environment. Dr. Defay utilizes the latest technological advances in the industry. We also have incorporated a new technology that uses temporary mini-implants to give even better movement of teeth than previously possible. Our office is streamlined with state-of-the-art computer technology to assist in ensuring that you receive the most effective care and beautiful smile possible. 801-546-0892

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"We had a great experience with Defay Orthodontics! Lindsey was told she would be in braces for about 24 months. She was consistent wearing her elastics and was able to get her braces off in 18 months. Lindsey also had a very busy schedule at school with honors classes and jr high sports after school, and the ladies in the office were always so willing to find times for her appointments that worked with her schedule. We would recommend Defay Orthodontics to others!"

Review Verified on 6/3/2014
"I like this place. Everyone is nice and friendly. They will also have conversations with you. Kyla is nice to me and talks to me. I like to have straight teeth. They make it happen. When I was done with my first phase my teeth were very straight. This place is deffinently 10+ stars."

Review Verified on 6/3/2014
"Everyone was super nice all the time. I had lots of gaps in my teeth before and now my teeth look great. I was supposed to have them on anywhere between 15-21 months. I got them off in 15 so that was nice too."

Review Verified on 5/27/2014
"It was a wonderful experience. There was lots of lovely people!"

Review Verified on 5/21/2014
"They took good care of me and were professional. If I had a problem, they tried to get me in quickly."

Review Verified on 5/20/2014
"I hate going to the dentist! However at this office I felt comfortable, the staff is friendly and Dr Defay knows how to fix a smile. I am glad I came to Defay orthodontics, and am willing to recommend him and his staff to anyone!"

Review Verified on 5/13/2014
"This orthodontics helped me so much with my teeth and smile! My teeth are a lot healthier and I like smiling with straight teeth. haha:)"

Review Verified on 5/8/2014
"They made my teeth straight and pretty!! All of the workers are super nice and Dr. Defay is awesome! Thanks so much for all you did! I used to feel really insecure about my smile but now I'm not anymore!!"

Review Verified on 5/6/2014
"In and out quickly. Braden's assistant visited with him the entire time and talked with him about things he is interested in. Braden's comment after his appointment was, "I actually look forward to going to the orthodontist." You've created a very pleasant office environment. Thank you."

Review Verified on 5/2/2014
"Service was prompt and everyone was very polite and professional. An assistant came out after the oppointment to explain what was done and how far my daughter has progressed. Great service from the staff."

Review Verified on 5/1/2014
"They are super nice and happy every time you come! I had braces for a year and a half and I loved coming every time! They make having braces fun and they are so positive and they are so great!"

Review Verified on 4/30/2014
"Fittings for temp aligners went like clockwork and the impressions for the new upper and replacement lower trays were done before I knew it. In a few weeks I'll be in the home stretch to straight upper and lower choppers. I'm going to be a good looking ol....., er, uh older man soon!"

Review Verified on 4/29/2014
"I had my braces on for two years. I really like the staff here. They are all really nice and have made my experience way better."

Review Verified on 4/29/2014
"Dr. Defay and his staff were amazing. Because of the great service and work they perform I sent my second daughter for braces here and they turned out beautiful. They are very accommodating and always care about your concerns. The office has a very inviting feel and both of my daughters never had a bad experience or an assistant that they didn't like. I would definitely recommend Dr. Defay to anyone looking for orthodontia work. You will get a smile you have always wanted."

Review Verified on 4/28/2014
"At every appointment, the employees were very helpful and cheerful. I was very impressed with the professionalism of Defay Orthodontics and I love the results I received! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 4/22/2014
"Really great service and everyone is so nice! My teeth look great, so thank you!"

Review Verified on 4/9/2014
"I have been very impressed with the friendliness of the staff. The office is clean and welcoming. The staff is also knowledgeable and prompt."

Review Verified on 4/5/2014
"Dr. Defay is so great! He's very patient with everyone. Even when he's busy, he takes the time with each patient. I never leave feeling like I was rushed through. All the staff is professional and very nice. Adult braces is not fun, but Dr. Defay and staff have been absolutely wonderful. I recommend him to everyone. My daughter is now in treatment for braces as well. She really likes Dr. Defay and his great staff!"

Review Verified on 4/4/2014
"Every time I came in to get my braces changed they always made me feel comfortable. And they did a great job on making my teeth straight!"

Review Verified on 4/3/2014
"Thanks for making us feel comfortable and for helping make Paige excited to get braces next week. She has been dreading it and now she is actually a little excited because she really liked the staff and the fun incentives at the office she gets to look forward to. :)"

Review Verified on 3/29/2014
"I appreciate how quickly my questions were answered. Everyone I encountered was very kind. I looked at a few orthodontists and I decided to come to you because of the knowledge but also the fact I wasn't bounced from person to person when I first called. Thank you giving me such a great experience so far. :)"

Review Verified on 3/28/2014
"REAL concern for the patient rather than just in and out and on your way. I really felt like they listened and tried to help fix things that weren't working for me."
"Dr Defay and his staff are amazing!"

Review Verified on 3/21/2014
"My second daughter just got her braces off on Tuesday and Dr. Defay and his staff always make it a special occasion for the patient. Everyone in the office congratulated her, they sang and danced for her, and gave her a special treat. Even though they see patients get their braces off everyday, they still really try to make them feel special. This was important to me because it was such an exciting day for her and not something she goes through every day. Thanks so much to Dr. Defay and staff for making her day something she will always remember."

Review Verified on 3/13/2014
"Defay Orthodontics has been an extremely wonderful experience for me over the last 2 years. I am 28 years old and decided to have Invisalign to straighten my teeth. The process was very simple and the staff has been more than helpful in every way possible. Dr. Defay is a professional and keeps up with all of his patients. I would recommend Defay orthodontics to all my friends and co-workers. Thank you Dr. Defay and staff!"

Review Verified on 3/6/2014
"The office staff is wonderful, warm, friendly, and accommodating. Dr. DeFay is focused on getting the results we want in the end, and not willing to shortcut the process. I'm thrilled I made the choice to go with Dr. DeFay."

Review Verified on 2/21/2014
"I love Defay Orthodontics! I recently got my braces off and I love how my teeth look! My teeth weren't very straight and I had a large overbite but now they are perfect! They did a great job and were very kind and careful while working with my teeth!"

Review Verified on 2/18/2014
"Coming here was great! I overall had great experiences and the assistants are great!"

Review Verified on 2/17/2014
"Professional. Happy. Clean. Organized. Helpful. Kind. Patient. Knowledgeable. Informative. Efficient. Great Communication Skills. (and beautiful office that feels like a modern/fresh/comfortable home, not a stuff old office). Thank you for taking such great care in explaining the steps of the process and the various options to us (especially my daughter - ten year old - who is the patient). For all the reasons above, including the initial communication before our appointment: nice done website with recent gallery (before/after) photos, a beautifully crafted reminder card before our appointment, and a personal phone call the evening before our appointment to ensure we felt informed walking into the appointment. They made us feel comfortable and important. And, based on the before/after photos and the great recommendations/reviews of Dr. Defay, we are excited for my daughter to have beautiful-looking (aligned/straight) teeth!"

Review Verified on 2/15/2014
"You guys are the best!!"

Review Verified on 2/14/2014
"Well I have visited at least two other orthodontists offices before coming in for my daughter MaCaylas consult and when I called my husband and told him of the professional and personal manner in which we were treated, he told me to do it that day. When MaCayla came back from doing impressions etc she was so happy and went on about how the girls were so kind to her and she loved it there, that was ultimately our answer. Like I said we just started with your team and continue with the confident doctor to address our needs. I felt he was the most educated, committed to fixing my daughters needs. I know she is excited to come back. With all the fears in the world my nine year old will not be afraid to smile and that solely cannot be described in words! Once again we are new patients but excited and very impressed with our initial treatment. Thank you to Dr. Defay and his incredibly kind staff. Looking forward to continuing in the care of those who seem to care immensely care about my daughters future smile. Also her likely trust in these ladies to keep her safe, calm and happy. I think every child , as likely as I am bias to my own, deserves to be treated and greeted with smiles thought their life's journey. Thank again for our treatment there. MaCayla is so excited to come tomorrow. I feel relieved and confident to take her. Sincerely , Cami & Brady Jaques and our daughter MaCayla Sandall"

Review Verified on 2/10/2014
"I love everything about Dr Defay and the office. Dr Defay is thorough and a perfectionist, which I love. Everyone is friendly and it's great to be remembered even after a long absence. I recommend you to everyone!"

Review Verified on 1/24/2014
"Dr. Defay has given me a great smile. He took the extra time to refine my invisalign more than once, just so my teeth were perfect. The staff is very professional and I would recommend Defay Orthodontics to all of my friends."

Review Verified on 1/18/2014
"I have been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of work at Defay Orthodontics. The office staff is very friendly and helpful, and they have great incentives for kids to learn how to be on time and take care of their teeth and braces. Every time we have been there they have been on time and the schedule flows smoothly. When I need to bring in younger siblings, there is a small toy area in a nook of the waiting area that is clean, inviting and fun for small children. We also really appreciate the community outreach that Dr. Defay's practice provides for the community. Our son's 3rd grade class was able to make a field trip there and learn about oral hygiene. Dr. Defay has also presented at our school's College and Career Week, inspiring children to work hard and stay in school."

Review Verified on 1/17/2014
"We had a great experience here. Great staff! Her smile is beautiful. We have two other children here and one that will most likely be here soon. We highly recommend Defay Orthodontics. Thank you, Hollie"

Review Verified on 1/14/2014
"We have been very impressed with Defay orthodontics. Each time the kids are treated great. The setting is always good and very professional. Thanks."

Review Verified on 1/10/2014
"Everyone is so polite and very professional. My daughter looks foreward to going to the orthodontist!"

Review Verified on 1/10/2014
"I was impressed that even though the office was running behind, I was told what was going on and was being kept up to date. Sarah was awesome and actually sat and had a conversation with me. Refreshing! Thanks."

Review Verified on 1/4/2014
"I enjoyed defay orthodontics. They were always very kind and willing to work with the patients well. I liked how well they communicated when we needed to change the appointments. I liked how they worked their financing. We will be back with the other kids."

Review Verified on 1/2/2014
"My husband, kids and I are new to Dr. Defay's office, but we were very impressed at the new patient introduction and the professionalism that permeates the office. We will happily return for all three of our kids' ortho work."

Review Verified on 12/16/2013
"Always very prompt and professional. Friendly to the kids and to family."

Review Verified on 12/16/2013
"Professional and courteous. Able to accomodate our unique situation, thank you."

Review Verified on 12/15/2013
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